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Our village team began in January 2010, is sponsored by Wiltshire County, and is trained by the Police.

The Speed Measuring Device, a yellow laser gun, is shared between 4 sites, Heywood, Bitham Park, Edington and Bratton. We have it 2 weeks in every 8.

We have a Team of 8 volunteers, and need a minimum of 3 in each session, 1 on the SMD, 1 calling out the vehicle details, and 1 writing them. But we can run the ďslowerĒ venues with 2.

We have 3 approved sites, Jubilee Hall, Castle Road & the Bash. These have to be approved by the police, and we have to abide by the rules, for example, we are obliged to stand in full view, to avoid allegations of concealment. And we have to wear our dayglo yellow jackets. Even then, a few drivers donít notice us, and press on, illegally, regardless.

We have run over 70 sessions to date, recording 12,847 vehicles that have passed the Speed Watch and 443 exceeding our target speed of 35mph.

We record the speed and the vehicle details on site by hand, then transfer to electronic spreadsheet and send in the Collator, who is very busy these days, with over 75 Wiltshire villages taking part in the scheme. In our 2 week slots, we run an average of 8 sessions, perhaps more in the long, summer days.

We donít take pictures.

We arenít so much trying to catch drivers speeding, as trying to make them aware that they are in a restricted area, and there is a reason for it being restricted. Donít just press on on auto pilot, thinking of whatís for tea, because thatís when you donít see the child until it is too late. Last year, a speeding lady failed to notice Big PC Darren trying to stop her near the Jubilee Hall. How much on auto do you have to be to not see Darren!

And we do have an effect. After we have been in place for 10 minutes, the traffic slows noticeably, as a lot of warning headlight flashing is going on. So it is a useful service to the community. And we can always use more volunteers, so if you fancy a go, please do let me have your name.

Steve Lloyd
e: Slloyd2257@aol.com

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