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Luccombe Mill: Watercress Beds Footpath - Update Luccombe Mill: Watercress Beds Footpath - Update

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June 2016:
"Wiltshire Council Rights of Way Team have recommended that the path leading through Luccombe Mill ( the Watercress) and Wessex Water land be designated a Public Right of Way. Thanks to all witnesses and supporters who helped achieve this excellent result. The next stage is for the Council to put a Public Notice in the Wiltshire Times to see if anyone wants to object within a period of 42 days. Signs will be out on either entrance to the path (by the end of June) but the path will not be opened until a final determination has been made. If objections are received the application will be sent to the Secretary of State.

I will keep you informed.
Philip Workman and Katherine Beaumont"

January 2017:
"The application is still being considered. The significant volume of evidence in this case to evaluate is and will take some more time to examine so that the council can make a fully informed decision. I understand this may be frustrating, unfortunately with the workload and staff resource available to our department the average time taken to see a DMMO through to completion is currently 12-18 months. In this case I would hope we can make an initial decision in the next few months and then see if we receive objections to the decision either way. I can inform you the landowner of Luccombe Mill has put forward an initial objection to the application at this stage before we have made a decision on the case. Also Wessex Water has declared a neutral stance to the application at this stage. Once a decision is made we will inform all the interested parties, this includes all the witnesses that have submitted a form.

Craig Harlow
Rights of Way Warden
Environment Services
Wiltshire Council

October 2016:
The application to have the Watercress Walk through Luccombe Mill and the Wessex Water path designated as a Right of Way was submitted to Wiltshire Council Rights of Way Team, along with 81 witnesses statements, on 3 October 2016. So thanks to everyone who is supporting this.

The Parish Council has also written in with a letter of support. The Council Case Officer has given a cut-off date of 25th November 2016 for any further evidence, so if anyone has any evidence of any kind please let Phil Workman or Katherine Beaumont know.

The Case Officer has indicated that a decision may be made in December or January 2017 but that is followed by a 6 week period for objections if the application is successful. I will update you further on the next stage if the council passes the application and objections are made.

WILTSHIRE TIMES: (Reporter Robin Murray) 'Walkers campaign to have popular footpath reopened'

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