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Dog Lost (Luna)... Have you seen her? Dog Lost (Luna)... Have you seen her?

Owners are desperate to find her and sightings have been reported in the area, therefore any information would be very much appreciated.

They are desperately trying to speak to a mountain biker who is believed to have seen a dog matching Luna's description alone on the Bratton Road a couple of weeks ago (23 April 2017). If you can help, please call 07495 338034 - thank you.

Luna, is a Jura Hound (looks like a small Doberman x whippet) who has been missing from Westbury since 10th December, since then there has been many sightings in the Westbury area, including Bratton. Please see poster for details.

Rural locations she has been sighted in are near the Church at Bratton, the track leading up to the White Horse car park from the Warminster side, Clangers Wood, Mead Lakes, outskirts of Southwick and Penleigh. She maybe moving around the outside of Westbury and then only sighted when she is trying to return or being scared by something. If you walk in these areas please mention Luna to any other walkers to make them aware of her.

It might mean Luna has found somewhere quiet and safe to hide. Maybe using barns, farm buildings as shelter.

If you see her, please contact Tash on 07495 338034 or 07495 420352
Make a note of the exact location
What she was doing? i.e. Running scared, sniffing, standing and watching you, trotting, or walking

It's really important if you see her to stay still, maybe, drop food on the floor near you and walk away and watch what she's doing.
If she's running don't try and block her
If she's in the road please call 101.

Thank you very much for your help.

Updates and reports:
Facebook - Find Luna

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