Reeves Ironworks Elevator
Reeves Ironworks Elevator
Bratton History
The Life and Thoughts of Marjorie Reeves (1905-2003) The Life and Thoughts of Marjorie Reeves (1905-2003)

Edited by Anthony R. R. Sheppard (Publisher: The Edwin Mellen Press)

Anthony R.R. Sheppard is the son of Joan Reeves, younger sister of Marjorie Reeves. Marjorie died in 2003, leaving incomplete, unrevised Memoirs. Bratton and its encircling hills remained a pillar of Marjorie Reeves’ busy life and the early chapters give a fascinating account of her childhood in Bratton and education at Trowbridge Girls’ Grammar School. Anthony Sheppard has published an edition of the text and kindly donated a copy to the Westbury Library in October 2011.

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