Bratton Village Community Emergency Plan (CEP) Bratton Village Community Emergency Plan (CEP)

What is it? How can you help..?

1. Bratton Parish Council have been trying to update various lists of villagers with professional specialisations or access to specialised equipment & so on, with the intention of providing assistance if any crises affected the village. We are now taking this further & wish to prepare a Community Emergency Plan for the village of Bratton; this work also ties in with planning being undertaken by Wiltshire County Council. This plan will cover significant emergencies affecting the village, such as a major prolonged loss of power or utilities. The intention is to try & ensure that life within the village remains as normal as is possible & especially that any vulnerable villagers are protected. Reaction to major emergencies will always be coordinated by the Public Protection Department (formerly the Emergency Planning Department) of Wiltshire County Council, but this is a small group of people who will need to call in specialists as well as seeking good advice from those living in the area affected.

2. Please do not read this message & do nothing.
I spent time in my working career involved with emergency planning & it is imperative that response plans are written well before any event occurs. To this end, every county in England will have emergency plans that can be initiated quickly in the event a problem occurs & an appropriate response started. Your Parish Council would like to be in such a prepared position too.

So, how can you help?
Please contact me, as the Parish Councillor who has taken on the role of coordinating Brattonís Emergency Plan if you feel that you have expertise or specialist knowledge that could be useful. Perhaps you have access to specialised machinery & plant. Maybe you are happy to become involved as a helper in the Jubilee Hall if we need to use that as a central village response facility.

What is important, is that if we donít know you exist & are prepared to help, then we canít ask for your assistance. Bratton is a great village, with great community spirit. All we are trying to do is harness that spirit quickly & efficiently when things perhaps get a little tough for our community.

3. It is also worth remembering that the vulnerable in our community & perhaps this means the infirm & elderly in Bratton, can be registered to receive special assistance from the power & water companies in the event of a problem with their provision of service.

If you know or are responsible for someone in this category, please contact their providerís customer service department & ensure they are registered.

4. We need to try & get this resilience work under way as soon as possible. The easiest way is to email me directly on this email address:

5. Please donít push this to one side, contact me now, as no one ever knows when the next problem will occur.


John Bartram - Bratton Parish Councillor
t: 01380 830180

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